Anyone walking around in Szombathely may well have the feeling of having all the past 20 centuries at an arm's length, for they indeed can experience the surging interfusion of the Roman age and our modern days. Bearing the name Savaria, the city was founded in 43 AD and achieved its heyday due to the commercial and cultural activities of the Romans. The later name of "Szombathely" (Szombat = Saturday; hely = place) comes from the local habit of having the markets on Saturdays, when people came from the surrounding villages to sell and buy goods.
Walking along the streets in the downtown area, we can suddenly step from the millenia-old world into the modern age. The parks of the city, the Saint Martin Center, the Historical Theme Park, the Boating Lake, the Swimming Pool, the Skanzen, the Kámon Woodland Nature Preservation Area, the various exhibitions and museums and the Main Square (Fő tér) all give the impression of a variable, nevertheless harmonic cityscape. Besides the architectural treasures, the featured events are also important, which provide our visitors with eventful and sophisticated program throughout the year.
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